Femmes Maison für RONDO

“The house, as a metaphor for the human body, forms the basic theme of our collections. We love the idea of experiencing the two elements, body and dress, as a kind of a ‘poetical architecture’. Through shapes and silhouettes we try to create a house for the woman; a story or mood in which the ‘Femme Maison Woman’ can feel authentic, elegant but also – very important to us – comfortable.”

Throughout Femme Maison’s collections runs a profound sensibility to the dynamic relation between body and space. Draped fabrics, pure shapes, soft and rich colours, blend into single, sensual garments that envelop the female body like a landscape, leaving room for the imagination to move freely in between the lines. Drawing heavily on the sculptural forms found in nature and art, in particular the work of Louise Bourgeois, Femme Maison uses materials such as linen, lace, faux fur, Austrian wool, cotton, hand-knitwear and in-house designed silk-prints, to create original pieces which radiate natural elegance, shelter and warmth. Fürpass and Kermani share an intuitive and holistic approach to design which reveals a strong commitment to craftsmanship, high quality fabrics and manufacturing.

“There is always a sense of volume in our process of making. We like to merge things, for example a dress with a coat, creating a so-called “dresscoat”. This is something we keep in mind while choosing the fabrics – that some garments can be worn in different ways.”

FEMME MAISON is the austrian luxury women’s wear brand, internationally known for it’s hand-picked exclusive premium materials, highest manufacturing standards and local craftsmanship tradition. The label’s philosophy is all about expressing a distinctive minimalism and understatement through innovative designs for a self-aware, feminine vision of the woman.

” With its modern and timeless designs, Femme Maison is forming an effortless elegant wardrobe – distinguished by classic styles with a seasonal spirit. “

The atelier and FEMME MAISON’s office are based in the historic streets of Vienna’s french area.


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